“It is love alone that gives worth to all things.”
― Saint Teresa of Ávila

Welcome to Saint Teresa’s Faith Community website! We are glad you are here!

My name is Andrew and allow me to welcome you to our online presence and thank you for coming for a visit. This website is designed to offer you information about our ministry, schedules of our services and provide other relevant links.

We are a Catholic community of believers proclaiming a living Christ. While we are a community of Catholics, many non-Catholics join us in worship and as friends.

Most of us have EI/MCS, mold illness, and other related illnesses making it difficult to participate in a traditional parish. We come together in this community to share Scripture, support each other in prayer and fellowship together as we walk with Christ.

We meet together weekly by way of a conference call to celebrate Evening Prayer and on Sunday’s we celebrate a Liturgy of the Word also by way of a conference call.

While we know the source of our Catholic joy is the Eucharist, many of us are unable to participate in Mass because we are disabled or home bound.

Our community sponsors conference calls on a different Christian theme each month through our ministry called, “Hope in Him Ministries.” We offer a loving place for EI/MCS Catholics to fellowship and to praise God.

Thank you for visiting us and please feel free to join us for Evening Prayer, Sunday Liturgy or our other liturgical events! You can contact us using email or by phone. See our “Contact Us” link.

We are starting a Bible Study in late October. Stay tuned!

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